Salon Policies

We understand every now and then things don’t work out as planned. However, we are a small business that relies on having our clients turn up to their booked services appointment, not only so that we can pay the stylist, but so we can also keep the doors of the business open for you all.

When not provided with 24 hours notice to either change dates and/or appointment times or if clients simply don’t show up at allocated times, the result is other clients or potential clients have been turned away. This effects negatively on our business and can have a detrimental effect long term.

To protect our business from loss of trading, we have adapted the following salon policies. We may use our discretion and waive the policy, at any time, where we deem necessary.

Booking Policies are:

  1. All new clients at the time of booking are required to leave a $50 deposit when booking colour services to secure the appointment. This deposit is 100% refundable as long as 24 hours notice is given for all cancellations and rescheduling of appointments.
  2. All no-show clients and cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment may incur the full cost of the appointment or $150 fee whichever is the lesser. All future appointments will then be required to be paid in full at time of booking.
  3. Booked services cannot be cancelled on arrival of appointment. Eg If you booked for cut/bw and time is allocated, cannot be cancelled on arrival of appointment
  4. All no-show and late cancellation clients, who are repeat offenders will be required to pay a deposit for all future appointments at Another Dyemension hair studio, and repeat offenders may be refused a future booking. Cancellation of pre-booked services, causes loss of trading, unnecessary wages costs and time that turned away clients could have used.
  5. All clients are sent a confirmation SMS two days prior to their scheduled appointment.  This is an automated system and can only receive “YES” or “NO” responses. We are unable to receive voice calls on this number.  Failure to confirm your appointment will result in it being cancelled.
  6. Due to QLD’s strict OH&S laws, all children under the age of 18 that are not receiving a service must remain seated on the front chairs, or out the front of the salon on provided table and chairs, and are not permitted to be on the salon floor. We work with hazardous chemicals, sharp and very hot tools, your child’s safety is important to us and it should be to you too.
  7. All prices include GST. All prices are subject to variation without notice. To obtain a quote, please book a free consultation at Another Dyemension hair studio.
  8. As per the Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act, any problems with your service must be reported within 1 (one) week of the original service by either a phone call or in person. As per the Small Business and the Competition and Consumer Act, Another Dyemension Hair Studio will then fix the service or replace the product at no charge, within 1 (one) week of the report of the fault.
  9. Our highly trained and experienced technicians provide professional colour results using the finest products available. At Another Dyemension hair studio, we cannot guarantee lasting results unless you are using your stylists recommended home hair care purchased from Another Dyemension hair studio. Another Dyemension hair studio cannot guarantee lasting results if you swim in the ocean or in a pool regularly, are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We greatly appreciate your support of our business and we will endeavour to provide the utmost professional service to you at every appointment.